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With one application Greg is able to perfectly match your needs with the appropriate lending source. You will thus save time, expense, and effort. Greg's service is unparalleled from the moment he takes the application through the close of escrow.

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Clients trust Greg to handle their real estate financing professionally, aggressively, efficiently, and with the utmost discretion. Guided by over twenty years of experience and knowledge of financial markets. Greg positions each client for the best possible outcome. 

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Greg has build a reputation on creating custom mortgage solutions and delivering the ultimate in personal service. He is a leading provider of home loans to the largest wholesale lending institutions in the country. 

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Why do so many clients trust Greg Roberts as their mortgage banker and mortgage broker? 
Exceptional service, access to virtually every wholesale lending source, the most competitive interest rates in the market and results you can count on. 

"When it comes to closing a loan, we're very competitive. We handle all types of loans. We know how to use the system to gain an advantage for our clients. That's why when they come back to us. It's also why they send us their friends, relatives and business partners. Our business is built on referrals from satisfied clients, real estate professionals, business managers, CPA's and attorneys."




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